Essay about Organizational Change

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Organizational Change
Rodney Hickson
BUS610: Organizational Behavior
Dr. Brand Bowler
February 18, 2013

Change is essential to the longevity of all organizations. Without change a organizations faces the possibly of making their impact in their market place obsolete. But change inside an organization can often cause employees and management to be resistant to change. In many case this can be the result of internal and external factors which can be simplified down to personal and professional fears of how a change many affect their individual roles and responsibilities in an organization. Employees resist change for reasons of self-interest when they realize that levels of power, money, prestige, job security, and personal
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Leaders that fail to make their reasons for change in their organization clear to employees make setup up the change process for failure. It is human nature to mistrust things in which they do not understand. Management in ability to make the connect clear of how change will impact the organization for the better good allows for many internal and external factors to take control of the change process. Rumor of why the change is occurring may arise internally between employees. This can produce a number of feeling and reactions that must be address. Rumors are especially rampant during organizational change. They often preempt formal announcements by management, predicting the nature of the change (companies X and Y are planning to merge) or alleging dire consequences for employees (a large number of employees will be laid off). Isabella (1990) found that in the early stages of organizational change, rumors predicted the possible direction in which the change may be heading (Bordia, Jones, Gallois, Callan and DiFonzo, 2006). This is common with many changes in organizations. During a recent change in my organization, I encounter several employees that had been with the company for several years and did not agree with the changes being implemented. Being the new person in an organization that is in the middle of reorganization can be very unnerving as many rumors are

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