Essay about Organizational Change with Technology

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Organizational Change Plan Part 1
March 24, 2014

Organizational Change Plan Part 1 Information technology (IT) has a great impact on today’s business with the high usage of and accessibility of the internet Borkowski (2002). It has the potential to improve safety and efficiency in the ever changing healthcare system. The administrators of Brokovitz General Hospital are introducing Information technology as an organization wide change process. IT enhance productivity, improve security of patient information and reduce cost, this allows the HS to be more competitive with their counterparts. Information Technology will replace doing things manually, save time, reduces errors, and decrease cost as well as improves safety and
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Brokovitz General Needs Assessment
A need assessment survey was done assess the needs of the employees with respect to the upcoming change. The response rate was an encouraging 90 percent staff responded with a positive readiness for change. One hundred percent of the team responding to the survey identified working with paper records and log books as an important issue. A total of 75 percent of the team indicated the need computer training. This will assist them with patient education, admissions, discharges and follow-up appointments. Having more knowledge on the use of computer enables healthcare providers to complete assessments, generate orders, request labs, and obtaining results in a timely manner. This need confirms the need for implementing the planned change.
Organizational and Individual Barriers to Change There are many organizational barriers to change. According to Rosenberg and Mosca (2011), it is important to understand organizational structure and culture as well as mission, vision, and values. Organizational barriers to change come in the form of rules, regulations, culture, policies, and procedures; and individual resistance to prevent the proposed change from occurring. Another organizational barrier to change is poor leadership which can manifest itself in

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