Organizational Behavior Within The Workplace Essay example

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The questions that were answered to determine the personality that I hold concluded that I am what is referred to as an ISTJ. This type is considered to be Life’s Natural Organizer and contains the temperament of being geared towards a guardian that thrives on an inspector-like lifestyle. It is formulated by Introversion, Sensing, Thinking, and Judging. These aspects are further explained based on the actions they represent. The following evaluates the personality that I possess based on research and my own personal experiences. Work life is particularly pertinent throughout the analysis as it is the basis for most of the individual experience that is mentioned. Weaknesses regarding my persona are discussed, as well. Lastly, the knowledge I acquired during this study is addressed. This is in regards to advancement of my contribution to the organizational behavior within the workplace concerning myself personally along with the individuals that will also be involved with me.

Step 1
As an Introverted Thinker, I relate to giving others the impression that I seem to be cold (Humanmentrics, 2016). It is a part of me that has been an obstacle my entire life. People take my persona personally or assume that something is wrong. Possessing such a trait has never bothered me but the manner in which others deal with it is overly frustrating. The majority of my working experience has been in the customer service department so I am no stranger to…

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