The Characteristics Of The Jung Typology Test

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Personality tests have been a way for people to figure out their strengths and weaknesses for decades. These tests also help determine jobs that would be suitable for the person based on their personality traits and how they would respond to a situation. The two personality tests that I will be evaluating and testing today are the Jung Typology test and the Holland Code Quiz. Using these two tests, I will be able to discover what traits I have that are my defining features as well as the jobs that are recommended for the selected personality. In the Jung Typology Test, my personality result was stated as an ESTP. This means that I have the traits: extroverted, sensing, thinking, and perceiving. I am, first of all, an extroverted person, meaning …show more content…
Most of them are large managers or people with a lot of authority in a company. This is incredibly stressful and though I would like to imagine that I would like this occupation, I know deep down that even if the money is good, I would always be busy and I would not be able to be with myself and do the things that I would like to do. The jobs listed are mainly very busy jobs that take over a person 's entire life. For example, the first option is a Chief Executive, this is, in other words, a CEO, the highest standing position in a company. As thrilling as that would be, I feel as if this position would be scary busy and a lot to handle. As of right now, I do not think that I would want this position of power and would not be able to handle the responsibility. Otherwise, jobs such as Sales agents and Sales managers were listed as well, these are jobs that I would much rather prefer because they are closer to my field of study and therefore more closely related to what I am interested in doing. I have not had any large sales positions in the past, though I hope to work in a sales or marketing position later in life. The majority of the jobs suggested are manager positions for larger organizations or for serious institutions such as a lawyer or a human resources representative, these are a bit too serious of positions for me personally, in my current situation, therefore I would not consider them to be potential

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