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Organizational Profile Exercise for Your Organization According to (Kondalkar, 112), organization profile is a basis for self-evaluation or self-assessment. It refers to the influences of how an organization operates; it is a snapshot of your group (Wilson, 387). In this paper, I will analyze some exercises that are related to the organizational profile.
A). Organizational Profile
P. 1 Organizational Description My organization is a privately owned corporation. I am the chief executive officer though I am assisted by other functional managers and shop floor staff in running this organization.
A).ORGANIZATIONAL ENVIRONMENT 1. Product/ Service Offerings. My organization will
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I bring on board a mixture of workers who have considerable experience and who have perfect skills. Motivation, training, and employee advancement are some of the critical drivers that make my employees work to achieve my mission and vision (Robbins, Stephen & Timothy, 988).
4. Assets
I have advanced plant and machinery, delivery trucks, advanced technology and all equipment needed for a soft drink manufacturing company.
5. Regulatory Needs
In the environment I operate, I have to pay license fees, taxation, pass quality assurance tests and remit statutory deductions for my company and my employees regularly.
1) Organizational Structure: I am the CEO of my organization; therefore, I am at the top of the structure. I am assisted by marketing, human resource, finance, production, research, and development managers in day to day running of the organization. The Board consists of eight directors, and I am the secretary to the board. Communication follows the top-bottom approach. My company is affiliated to Pepsi Company and therefore, me as the CEO I report directly to the CEO of the parent company.
2) Customers and Stakeholders:
I have three important key market segments located in America, Africa, and Australia. My customer groups are both old age and young customers. The key stakeholders are employees, management, customers, financiers, government, and suppliers. The key requirements are that we must produce

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