Organization Of Mexico 's Health System Essay

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Organization of Mexico’s Health System
The Mexican Healthcare System faces many issues. Mexico’s population suffers from many diseases, malnutrition and reproductive health challenges. Along with the increasing spread of diseases, the Mexican Government has faces the issue of growing numbers of injury and violence. Geographical locations and the diversity of the population make the quality of care very poor. The model of the Mexican Health Care system is similar to a staff model Health Maintenance Organization. This way of organizing includes hospitals, physicians, and other health care providers who have contracts with the Health Maintenance Organization which includes a prepaid fee. Members of this type of organization pay copayments, deductibles, and premiums as well as maximum out of pocket payments. All basic health services are covered through this organization. Mexico has over one million potential users of the health subsystems. These subsystems are divided into three groups: social security institutions, institutions that provide services to the population without social security, and the private sector. Formal sector workers receive health services by social security. The Mexican Social Security Institute covers workers in the formal private sector. This organization provides services to roughly 38 million customers. The Social Security and Services Institute for State Workers covers around 10 million Mexicans who are employed in the private sector. Both the…

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