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The Potential Product To Be Market In Turkey
Agriculture has always been one of the leading sectors in the Turkish economy, largely for natural reasons: the rich soil sources, biological diversity, good climate and geographical conditions. There is also a tradition of hardworking farmers and, more recently, private entrepreneurs interested in investing in Turkish agriculture. Agriculture has an important impact on the social and economic development of Turkey since it meets the majority of the population’s food requirements domestically and prevents Turkey from being dependent on international sources and also supplies the raw materials of other sectors dependent on agriculture. The share of agricultural production in Turkey’s GDP was 8.3
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Approximately %80 of organic production is exported to foreign countries where organic food prices are higher than in domestic markets. However to increase consumption, the existing gap between conventional and organic food prices should be reduced. On this account producers get a premium when selling in foreign markets and they expect and want to earn same premium in the domestic market but Turkish organic market is still too thin and organic products are not available in all retail outlets.

Analysis SWOT
Strengths and Opportunities:
Market for organic food in Turkey is quiet stable because no difficulty in finding raw materials ( sufficient varieties and quantities of agricultural production), relatively cheap labour force, large domestic market and young population, presence of widespread local communication networks and infrastructures, sufficient educated and specialized workforce for food industry, developing markets close to turkey, increasing volume of foreign trade, perpeective foe EU accession. Weakness and thereats
For expand this product in Turkey there are some challenges to be faced, there are Insuficient and corporation between agriculture and agro-industry, some quality and safety problems in agriculture need to improve the official food control system in line with the EU legalation, rather low investment in research and development, some technology and capacity utilization problems of food producing SME’s

Even though the Turkish

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