Organization and Behaviour Essay example

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Organizational behavior is also defined as the information and attitude about a person working for an organization. It is easy to analyze the importance on understanding the people’s behavior and the interaction with the various situations within the organization. Various functional structures are being used to set a flexible organizational culture. Also, there are various aspects that impact the individual performance at work. Managers need to be motivated which in turn inspires other employees to attain organizational goal.
1 The connection between organizational structure and principles
1.1. Comparing different organizational structures and principles:
Comparing and conflicting the organizational structure and culture of
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1.2 Relationship between an organization’s structure and principles and its effects on the performance of business:
The act of business will be affected by the association of structure and values if the structures are not most significant to a healthy concerned culture of work then company cannot survive in the market. When we see our Syngenta’ organization’s structure it is committed towards the employees, managers, stakeholders’ etc. and their arrangements aim on the government’s development and care the consequence of the actions in positive and income oriented way. This systematic organization of company culture and the structures to sustain the culture have noticeable impact on the presentation of company commerce and it represents the picture which helps investor and customers to decide the purchase activity related to company. On business media companies tries to occupy more time in discussions that gives them advantage in marketing. Similarly, the workers also get motivation from arrangements and culture of company and feel satisfied and loyal to a good organized structure and developmental culture in their company even though they are with friends and family or in general public and they also try to promote the values of company.
The organization’s structure that impacts the enactment of Syngenta:
The Organization continued to toughen its deposit authorization with

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