Organic Foods Vs. Organic Food Essay

1575 Words Jul 9th, 2015 null Page
In a society that is concerned with being active and healthy, there are a variety of “health foods” available at the grocery store. With all the fancy labels and claims of being “lower in calories” or “fat free” it can be confusing which of these foods are healthiest. The answer can be found most obviously in the produce section. Organic foods offer an alternative to conventional products. Produce, meats, and a variety of other products grown organically are available at most grocery stores. With this in mind, there are many benefits from choosing an organic lifestyle. Primarily, these foods harbor considerably fewer amounts of pesticides, additives, processing aids, and a variety of other unnatural chemicals. Organic products also benefit the environment due to the natural farming practices used. Furthermore, studies have shown that organic foods contain higher levels of nutrients that are beneficial to a healthy lifestyle. While some may argue that these types of products are too costly or spoil faster than conventional products, is it truly possible to put a price on the advantages of living a healthy lifestyle? Therefore, buying organic products limits exposure to harmful pesticides and other chemicals, benefits the environment by reducing pollution, and offers an increase in bodily nutrient intake. To begin with, growing foods organically drastically limits the use of pesticides along with a diversity of other unnatural chemicals. Treating crops with chemicals to keep…

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