Ordination Of Formal And Informal Sex Education Essay

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Significances of Formal and Informal Sex Education
Sex education is widely adopted by many countries in the world in order to guide the sexual behaviors of people before marriage especially the adolescents through the awareness of sexual knowledge (Spanier, 1976). However, in some countries including the United States, the sex education presents a contentious debate associated its ethical functions and effectiveness. On the one side, the conservative groups criticize the sex education as the stimulating factor that raises the sexual knowledge of adolescents and increases their sexual behaviors before marriage (Sabia, 2006). On the other side, the liberal groups agree with the sex education because it positively influences on the pregnancy of the adolescents and the transmission of the sexually transmitted diseases (STDs) in order to improve the sexual health of the adolescents (Sabia, 2006). The problem related to this debate is that countries such as the United States and the United Kingdom with more conservative attitudes towards the use of the sex education usually present the higher level of the incidence rates associated with the transmission of the STDs and the adolescent pregnancy (Grose, Grabe and Kohfeldt,
2014). Accordingly, the formal and informal sex educations have the effects on the adolescents to form their gender ideology and encourage their sexual empowerment, but they are more significant to reduce the occurrences of the STDs and the adolescent pregnancy.…

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