Ordinary People A Family Experience Essay

1065 Words Dec 12th, 2014 null Page
In the movie Ordinary People a family experience certain things that does not occur in an typical everyday average family. These experience changes their attitude towards each other. In addition to that their perception of the world around them. Such as the way other people perceive them as and their outlook on other people.
How a person interacts with those around them and the actions that they choose to engage in is how they are often times perceived as. For example Beth 's overall persona comes off as a perfectionist. She wants everything to be her way and gets extremely frustrated when it’s not. She has fooled herself and other people around her into thinking that everything in her household is fine and everything is under control. When the truth of the matter is she doesn 't know how to deal with realty. Instead she avoids it by acting as if there is no conflict within her family. Most of the time she fronts like she has everything under control. On the contrary her husband Calvin appears to be a very friendly person. He plays the role of a care taker by being very loving and caring towards his friends and family. He 's tries to remains as neutral as he can by trying to be understanding towards both his wfe and son. He supports his wife and trys to be there for her phsycially and emotionly during her time of need. As well as being as there for his son by showing him compashion and understanding. This is his attempt to help him feel good about himself so that he can…

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