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World War II affected the lives of millions around the globe. Soldiers experienced the horror of warfare every day; some still haunted by visions months and years after their service. Families were lucky enough to even see their loved one’s face again. As the movie industry has grown, movie directors have created hundreds of war movies in an attempt to show a new aspect about the war. Unbroken, directed by Angelina Jolie, made its debut in December of 2014. Unbroken’s purpose is to tell the true story of a man that finds some source of unbreakable courage to survive life-threatening situations. Louie Zamperini, a former Olympian runner, finds himself caught in the conflict of the Pacific warfront between the United States and the
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and the Empire of Japan. For example, Louie was able to peak through his blindfold as his captors took him to a detention camp and could tell that they were passing through Tokyo. He asked a fellow prisoner, “This is Tokyo, huh? I was supposed to race here for the Olympics before they got canceled.” The 1940 Olympics, an event that was supposed to brings nations together, was called off due to WWII. The U.S. prisoners of war had limited knowledge of the war inside the walls of detention camps; however, they received little snippets of information about the war, as shown in the movie. For instance, Louie found out from Fitzgerald that the U.S. had invaded the Marshall Islands. Historically, the United States was using a strategy called island hopping in order to get into the heart of Japanese territory. Lastly, the U.S. soldiers saw firsthand the devastation that the war caused. While being transported to a new detention camp, the prisoners of war saw demolished building, corpses in the streets, and the Japanese citizens mourning. By using an array of facts and details about WWII, Unbroken submerges the OBU community into the time period of great …show more content…
Although young Louie had his mind on other things during church, namely the young lady sitting close by his family, the priest says, “Christ came not to wage war on the sins of man, but to forgive them.” It wasn’t until Louie and the two other men were caught in a raging storm for Louie to cry out to God, “If you get me through this, if you answer my prayers, I swear I’ll dedicate my whole life to you. I’ll do whatever you want. Please.” The next day, God provides water to the three men in the form of rain. The closing scenes of the movie show that after years of severe post-traumatic stress, Louie made good on his promise to serve God. Motivated by his faith, Louie saw that the way forward was through forgiveness, not revenge. He returned to Japan, where he made peace with his former captors. According to Christianity Today’s movie review on Unbroken, the website suggests that the Christian audience should be careful not to miss the true takeaway from the film. Instead of seeing Louie come out on top in the end, Christians should see Louie’s humble recognition to forgive his captors as the ultimate inspiration. By watching Unbroken, the OBU community can learn a lesson that traces its origin back to Jesus… Unbroken appeals to many different audiences by bringing sport, war, and faith together to form a truly inspirational story. Admittedly, the movie has a cheesy moment towards the end of

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