Oratorio Essay

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Within the baroque era, concerning the genre of vocal music, religious music cannot be overlooked as well as the opera. In this age, not only liturgical music which is from the Middle Ages such as the Mass music and Magnificat, but peculiar music of baroques such oratorio and the church cantata were also invented, while there was antagonism between Catholic and Protestant. Even in the music for liturgical of the church, it tended to opera or a dramatic style. It was the feature of the Catholic Church music of the baroque period in Italy. During the Baroque period, people saw the invention of a new music form: the oratorio in the 17th century in Europe. The oratorio has a long and profound history since Italian
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Messiah is one of the best-known works of George Handel and it is one of the best known oratorios in the world. Messiah was written in August 22 to September 14, 1741, in London. The original language is English and the text is from the Holy Scriptures and compiled by charles Jennens. ¡®Messiah¡¯ is a Hebrew word. In Christianity, the Messiah is Jesus. It is usually translated in the New Testament as Christ. Handel himself was a devout Christian. His work aims to present Jesus¡¯ life and its significance according to Christian doctrine. However the text of ¡®Messiah ¡®is assembled to have many characteristics of the ¡®Savior¡¯ that each one of the audience thinks in their own mind. In other words, it takes the style of that the lack of subjectivity can be buried by people¡¯s own subjectivity. Moreover, by taking out the part of the composer's subjectivity on religious outlook and not setting the clear thought of Messiah equal Christ, it can appeal to people from any religion. That is one of the reasons why Messiah is loved by many people from any religion.
Messiah is a special oratorio. For instance, the text have excerpts from the Bible, new words were not created, specific castings are not given to the vocalists, the story of "Messiah" is not made of both vocalists and chorus to act but to narrate. Moreover, although Messiah is oratorio, it was composed to perform it

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