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With the ever-increasing complexity of the organizational environment, the

systems concepts no longer seems adequate in dealing with complex phenomena. This

shortcoming, among others, has led to the emergence of complexity theory which focuses on

the use of such terms as entropy, non-equilibrium, instability, and the emergence of new

patterns and structures. In the complexity paradigm, systems are usually considered to be

evolving or self-organizing into something new (Ferlie, 2007: 155; Byeon, 2005: 226;

White, 2000: 167).

The Innovation Journal: The Public Sector Innovation Journal, Volume 13(3), 2008, article 3.


Since the most prevalent trends in contemporary organizations are towards continuous

and pervasive change and increasing interdependencies (White, 2000: 162), close parallels

can be drawn between the private and public sectors where there are broadly similar

environmental challenges. Within this context, public and private organizations are

approaching a turbulent environment characterized by increasing uncertainties. These

uncertainties are due to dramatic changes that have taken place in the political and economic

environment, as well as changes in technology. To help understand change better and

manage the process more effectively, a more dynamic and comprehensive view of change

management has been suggested as a way forward (Cao and McHugh, 2005: 480). By

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