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Disaster Recovery Plan
November 06, 2013
Version # Implemented
By Revision
Date Approved
By Approval
Date Reason for Update
1 BnG CORP 09/20/2013 Ray Maybus 09/20/2013 Created DRP
2 BnG CORP 09/27/2013 Ray Maybus 09/27/2013 Revision to the point of contacts
3 BnG CORP 10/04/2013 Ray Maybus 10/04/2013 Changes made to risk assessment
This Disaster Recovery Plan (DRP) describes the strategy and procedures for recovering vital information systems, records and data should a disaster substantially disrupt operations.
The plan contains information about the organization that should be controlled and closely held. This information could be leveraged by your
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In order to declare a disaster, the Executive Management Team will apply a balancing test to determine if the potential financial and outage impact resulting from the disaster exceeds the cost of recovering the system(s) at an alternate site. Only the Executive Management Team has the authority to declare a disaster.
Disaster DefinitionFor the purposes of this plan, a disaster is any unplanned event that prevents the provision of services needed by the participating applications for a period of greater than 08 hours.. Conditions that could be declared a disaster include, but are not limited to, extended electrical power outage to the computer room, or extensive fire, smoke, water, or explosion damage to computing equipment.AssumptionsThe Disaster Recovery Plan has been developed under the following assumptions:
Key network people (lead administrator, administrators, team leaders, technicians and alternates) will be available following a disaster
This plan and critical network documents are stored in a secure off-site location and not only survived the disaster but are accessible immediately following a disaster
Other IT departments and support organizations will have their own DR plans
Hardware can be readily obtained from current vendors
Hardware is available within 4-hour drop ship, etc
If a disaster occurs and the structure becomes non habitable the company will then switch to cloud

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