Oppression: Power And Discrimination

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Power and Oppression

Power and oppression are two different phenomenons that positively correlate. Discrimination which is the foundational principal of oppression occurs when one group openly vilifies another group for their marked differences. Such difference can be arbitrary such as race, sexual orientation,religion or due to past experiences IE... war or political strife. Discrimination as vapid as it is, occurs within all societies. From an Anthropological standout discrimination stems from our species need to congregate in packs. Our ancient ancestors like other pack animals utilized the pack as an instrument for survival. When facing times of hardship our ancestors would need to rely on the pack for assistance, hence having
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Due to the introduction of anti discrimination laws which were set in place to protect minorities in the work place, most if not all discrimination occurring in the work force is veiled or covert. Covert discrimination is often times extremely hard to prove due to it 's veiled nature, victims of such discrimination are left helpless without any means of rectifying the situation. Some acts of workplace discrimination are but no limited to; Limiting the upward mobility of a minority, continuous discreet jabs at ones race, religion, gender or orientation and workplace bullying. The most common form of workplace discrimination is the with holding of upward mobility of a minority within a given company, colloquially called the glass ceiling this strategy helps strengthen the inequality gap between minority and non minority. The Glass ceiling is a tactic in which a minority is only allowed to ascend to a specific rank, once that rank is obtained the escalation becomes stagnant. Often, excuses about work ethnic or dependence issues are used to mask the act. The glass ceiling stems from a widespread ideology in the business world, which states that minorities cannot be trusted in positions of power. The consequences of said policy become transparent when one looks at the number of minorities in positions of power (CEO), positions which are mostly filled with Anglo- Saxon Heterosexual males. The lack of minorities in power positions then in turn helps strengthen the current system of widespread covert oppression. The few minorities that do indeed make into power positions are held up as poster children for minority upward mobility in a effort to sell the unrealistic ideology while simultaneously vilifying for not working hard enough. A lack of minority representation is not only a problem in the upper

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