Oppression Based On Socioeconomic Status And Heritage Essay

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Oppression based on socioeconomic status and heritage is a problem that Latin American society has faced for hundreds of years. The European colonization of modern-day Latin America has provided powerful examples of oppression and revolution, as it has been continually felt by various groups throughout recent history. As these European ancestors laid claim to this land, a series of indigenous populations suffered and endured hardships of slavery and perpetualized inferiority that left them severely mistreated, and in some cases, dead. Although these indigenous people were exploited and controlled by conquerors and newly established governments, there were several individuals throughout this past half-century who attempted to combat the dehumanization of themselves and their people by recalling their stories and using {literary works} to attempt to bring an end to their mistreatment. From the very beginning of European influence in the Latin Americas, we see the outcry of a population {killed off} and pushed out by Spanish Conquistadors in We People Here, a translation of the Nahuatl account of Spanish conquest. In the Biography of Mahommah G. Baquaqua, we see how a text written as a primary account of the African slave trade offered a new perspective to the public eye on the topics of emancipation and the revitalization of religious principles. Frantz Fanon’s Wretched of the Earth offers a unique opinion on the political corruption throughout Latin America and its effects on…

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