Opium 's Spreading Among Today 's Teenagers Essay

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Opium’s spreading among today’s teenagers.

Dating back to 1400 B.C, Opium is grown in lower Mesopotamia home to the Sumerians. Sumerians referred to the plant as Hul Gil, the joy plant. The traditional way to obtain opium was to collect the seed and let the latex leak out and dry up. When its harvest time they scrap off the sticky brown/yellowish substance for use. Nowadays machines are used to harvest the plant for opium. Raw opium maybe ground into powder and sold as lumps, cakes, or bricks. Most pharmaceuticals treat the drug further to obtain morphine, codeine and heroin. In ancient Egypt, opium was used as a pain reliever, along with the romans and Indians who used opium during surgical procedures. There was a mention that use of opium as an analgesic to stop pain during medical procedures in those times.
China heavily used in china as a recreational drug. Chinese used it through the 15 century and parts of the 18th century. it took the Chinese 300 years to realize that opium was dangerous to smoke every day. It leads to the body to have a physical dependence, despite the warnings they continued to use the drug on a regular basis. The imperial Chinese courts eventually banned the use and importation of opium. Regardless of the restrictions they still were having large quantities of opium into the country. In 1839, the Qing Emperor, Tao Kwang, ordered his minister Lin Tse-hsu to take action. Lin petitioned Queen Victoria for help; but he was ignored. In…

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