Oolong Tea Essay

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Oolong is a tea which is manufactured through a process which is unique. The process includes withering the plant under sun that is strong. This is a traditional tea from China. It also includes the oxidation which is before curling and twisting. The oolong tea which is of fine quality involves the cultivars of plants which is unique. These are used exclusively for a particular activity. The oxidation degree varies from 8 to 85% which depends on the style of production and variety. It is popular in Southeast Asia, China. The oolong teas taste has a wide variety. The different flavours in which it is available are as follows:
 With honey flavours as fruity and sweet.
 With roasted aromas as it is woody and thick.
 With bouquet aromas
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Oolong has various varieties which are differently processed. There are two styles which are distinct in the way the leaves are formed.
1. The leaves are rolled and turned into leaves which are long curly
2. The other type is 'wrap-curled' into beads which are small; all has a tail in it.
In China the more traditional one is the style which is former.
Oolong Tea:
For green, black tea and oolong tea are from the family which is same. The variations between oolong tea is based on the processing. Green tea is abstracted by heating lightly the leaves which are picked freshly to arrest the action of oxidation. If the leaves are left to oxidise for some time, the oolong tea is formed. A tea which is semi-oxidised is oolong tea.
 Boil water in a saucepan.
 Add tea leaves to the teapot such that they absorb about 5% of the space in the tea pot.
 The boiling water is poured into the pot
 The bubbles which an anatomy is top with the advice of the cover are pushed away.
 The tea pot is covered and let it to steep
 Now the tea is ready to drink.
Nutritional Value:
 Oolong tea has a huge amount of antioxidants.
 Minerals like manganese, copper, selenium, carotene, potassium are

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