Pros And Cons Of Addiction

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“Only Bad People Get Addicted, good people know better”

Throughout society there is a huge misconception that “only bad people get addicted, and that good people know better than that” This statement is clearly a myth as there has been numerous amounts of scientific research and knowledge that prove that addiction is a disease that does not discriminate and can effect anyone and everybody. These changes occur in the brain and do not result from a certain character type. However in our society negative stigma and biases still surround the idea of addiction and it is shunned and made to believe that only people who choose to go down that path will go and that smart good people know better then to mess with that kind of stuff. The purpose for
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They are not very happy with themselves and can turn to drugs to make themselves feel more desirable. For instance a young boy who is usually shy and an outcast might turn to drugs to make himself feel more sociable and accepted among his peers. We need to eliminate all the negative biases and attitudes that people have towards substance abuse and in return spread knowledge about the disease. People working in health care such as nurses, doctors, therapists should be more aware of the misconceptions and myths and have more of a positive outlook for their patients. Many people with drug dependency experience negative attitudes when visiting hospitals or doctors offices which can effect their success in detox and treatment and untimatiely within themselves. While it is true that many addicts do in fact relapse it does not mean that they should be shunned and looked down upon. They have a disease alike all other diseases and deserve to be treated respectfully as long as they are doing their own part and trying to help themselves. Many of them need guidance and love and need to learn a new way of living. The negativity attatched to addiction will only cease to make the addict and loved ones more ashamed and less eager to speak up and be forthcoming about it. Instead we must only give positivity and let them know that there is hope and help if they want

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