Chains Of Addiction

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How to Break Free from the Chains of Addiction
Addiction is a prison of the mind. More than one addict has tried more than one time to kick their habits and change their lives. The problem is, addiction is a multi-dimensional affliction that may require a unique approach, depending on the person. One thing that is shown time and time again is that having a support network is a key factor for ongoing success.

While some people who are battling addiction can remain steadfast when they are placed in a situation in which their chosen drug is present, the fact is that many, if not most, addicts will need to practice limiting exposure. This not only keeps the temptation out of mind, but in the moment they may feel an urge to use, it is also out
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Sensitive people are more likely to deal with sadness, anger, and stress with substances, and in particular, they face a higher likelihood of addiction to stimulants.

Though there are clues as to who may face a higher likelihood of falling into the world of addiction, often people will ignore clues or brush away thoughts they have when it comes to someone they love abusing drugs. It is easy to sweep it under the rug and pretend it isn't happening, or that it's just a one time bad decision. Yet, the fact remains that many times there are clear signals, glaringly obvious beacons that should be heeded promptly. By not ignoring those signs, it may be possible to establish the support network an addict will require to begin breaking free from the prison of addiction.

If you suspect someone you care about may be addicted to drugs or alcohol, there are some things to look for to help confirm this. Don't sit in silence and wait for them to reach out to you. Often, it isn't until the addict is confronted about their condition that they begin to acknowledge a problem exists. Here are some things to look out
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When this happens, typically the user has been on a binge, and purchased excessive quantities of alcohol and drugs. They may have no recollection of how much money they spent, and claim they have no idea what happened to their money.

*They offer excuses to attempt to explain away their addiction. They may say they are drinking because their job is stressful, or they had a fight with a co-worker or the boss. They say it's not a big deal. It is.

*When confronted about their drug or alcohol use, often the addict goes on the defensive and begins to manipulate. They may say it's someone else's fault they abuse drugs. They will say they have it under control. When they promise to do better, it is often an attempt to get money or something they want from the person. Nothing an addict says while using can be taken at face value.

Loving an addict is painful, and helping an addict break free from the chains of addiction is complicated and difficult. But remember that it is a journey to sobriety that requires a strong support network, and for most, limiting exposure to sources of intoxication. Recovery is

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