Online Vs. Non Fiction Essay

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As you already know there is a wide range of online money making methods available out there. Writing eBooks and selling them online is one way to create an income stream that keeps on giving. This article explains hot to write and publish an Ebook. The huge rise in popularity of the Kindle and the iPad, and the wide availability of free eBook reader apps for smartphones has increased the demand for eBooks dramatically. You can make a significant amount of money writing eBooks and the fantastic thing about writing and selling eBooks is that once you create the eBook, it will keep earning for you!
Now you might say to yourself:
• I can’t write
• I’m no author.
• It’s too hard to write.
• It will take forever to write.
• No one will read it.
But nothing could be further from the truth! Nearly anyone can write an eBook. EBooks are generally shorter than regular books and you can write an eBook on almost any topic. Fiction or non-fiction, a romance novel or a book on the birds in Arizona, every topic has an audience! Your knowledge and talent can create a book worth reading by others and create an income for you. Whether it is what you know about, your hobby, your employment, where you live, where you have visited or anything else… what you know is worth money and someone else in the world wants to know about it! Still don’t think you can do it, read on or look at classes that lead you through the eBook creation process!
There are only three major steps you need to do…

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