Online Social Networking On Social Behavior And Psychological Development

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Online Social Networking on Social Behavior and Psychological Development

Online social networking sites exist because they enable people to communicate through different means. Before the development of modern computers, people had various social and psychological behavior compared. Technological advancements have changed the manner in which people interact and do things. Some of the popular social networking sites include Facebook and Twitter, which create a virtual world where people can communicate and engaged with the world. But People tend to carry, those online activities in real life. Most modern technologies have an impact on human personalities such as identification and ego. For Example, let 's look into the impact of online social networking on people’s behavior. Online social platforms are not constrained by societal norms, which dictate right or wrong behavior. Continual use of online social networks makes people disregard some of these norms; hence, influencing their social behavior and psychological development.

As noted, some of the popular social media platforms include Facebook and Twitter. The number of people online, kept sites status rising every day. Users of online social network platforms are less obligated to adhere to societal norms due to a change in mindset. Online social stages, such as Instagram are shaping up their social practices such as how many photos people can share and how many likes, comments people can receive. The internet offers…

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