Online Business : Part Time Online Businesses Essay

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Part-time online businesses

Online business have more flexible hours, although you will still have to deal with people on occasion, or at least in a more limited fashion.

Sell stuff on Facebook/ Craigslist/ ebay/ Amazon

If you have stuff lying around that you don 't use you always sell it for a few extra bucks. But if you really want to make a go of this you can flip items you find at Goodwill or yard sales to turn it into an actual business. You can even take it step further and sell items for other people on consignment.

You are probably familiar with using Craigslist, eBay, and Amazon (at least as a buyer, if not a seller) but Facebook is also becoming a popular place to find buyers, and you don 't need to have 5,000 friends on Facebook to make it work. Here 's an ecourse if you want to learn more.

Virtual assistant

If you are an organized person with good computer skills being a virtual assistant might be for you. Depending on your skills you can earn up to $40 per hour doing tasks for busy business owners. You will need to be professional, punctual, and be able to work unsupervised.

Less problem solving type tasks, such as data entry or transcription, are also available for less per hour, but they don 't take as much brain power to do so that might be a better fit. No need to come home from a busy day, just to have a busy night. Maybe cutting and pasting for an hour after work is more what you need.

Edit podcasts

Podcasts are becoming more and more popular…

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