Essay about One Summer: a Narrative Story

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A cool November wind was blowing and Brittlyn Jacobs pulled her blanket tighter around her shoulders as she stared out over the water of Wilmington North Carolina. Earlier when she had arrived, there had been a few people strolling along the river walk, but most had taken note of the cool winds coming in from the north and were long since gone. Now she found herself alone beside the river, and she took in her surroundings. Wilting azaleas and cherry blossoms lined the river, and their reflection shimmered in the shallow water along the shore. Heavy clouds were beginning to descend and fog was forming, the horizon would soon be invisible. In any other place, at another time, she would have felt the splendor of the beauty around her but as …show more content…
“Knock, Knock,” Brittlyn turned to see her father, John, leaning against the door jam one foot on the balcony and the other inside the hotel room. “I’m going to be leaving for the game soon, I just wanted to say goodbye.” Brittlyn looked at her father and then down at the river and smiled.
“What was it like growing up here Daddy?” John looked out over the river and sighed. Brittlyn could see all the memories come flooding back, there were even tears in his eyes to prove it.
“Honestly it was truly amazing, here in Wilmington a kid could just be a kid. I can’t imagine growing up anywhere else. But, that’s another story for another day I have to be at the high school in an hour. I’ll see you later sweetie I should be home around ten.” John bent over and kissed the top of his daughter’s head then turned and walked out the door.
As soon as Brittlyn knew her father was out of the room, she reached for her cell phone and called the number set on speed dial three. “Yes may I please speak to Sarah, it’s an emergency.” Brittlyn rolled her eyes at the lady on the receiving end of the phone call as she was put on hold.
“Yes this is Sarah speaking how may I help you?”
“Hey Sarah its Brittlyn, do you have the phone number for the car company dad is using here in Wilmington?”
“Yeah sweetie I have it right here, why?”
“Because the car is about to be here and neither Dad nor I is ready so do you think you could call them and tell them to be at the hotel in twenty

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