Essay on One Night During The Summer, It Was Cool And Breezy

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One night during the summer, it was cool and breezy. I was outside with my friends around the bonfire in the woods where there were no parents or chaperones in sight. It was just my friends and I sitting on the logs and chatting from the word go there is no tomorrow. The stars were out and the brightest I ever see. It wasn 't a normal bonfire. Our parents thought we were sleeping at one of our friends’ house. Of course, we are normal teenagers and we doing something stupid when we were not supposed to. It is nothing new that most teenagers drink alcohol right? That 's what I thought. I didn 't think I would get in trouble. That one drink would have changed everyone 's point of view about me. I don 't know how they found out but when they did they were disappointed. Especially before Cross Country season start.
As soon the summer had passed, the Cross Country’s season had started. I 've been in Cross Country since I was in middle school. I am very good at running. I have won so many medals from top five, 10 or 15. I started to get medals from middle school until right now. I was a Junior. The Cross Country first meet was one week before school started.
Once we arrived at the meet, we did warm up jog like the usual. We went through the golf course to check out to see where we 're going. Seem like the golf court is still the same like the pervious years. The first meet would be boys, girls, and then middle schools. The boys meet was about to start soon. I was super excited…

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