On Social Order And Absolute Monarchy By Jean Domat

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Many monarchs during the seventeenth century used absolutism as a governing force to rule their lands. During the reign of Louis XIV, Jean Domat wrote a profound document in which he addressed all areas of government and outlined what he believed to be the tenets of an absolute monarchy. This document, entitled “On Social Order and Absolute Monarchy” defined what he believed to be the basis of absolutism and class structure in regards to the law of God and the law of nature. Absolutism is as form of government where unrestricted, complete power is retained by a centralized sovereign individual. Domat displays immense support of the concept of absolutism and outlines the idea that the people should show loyalty to their one appointed leader who is chosen by God. …show more content…
Domat’s main objective with this document is to inform the readers of the established trends concerning social arrangement and government and convince them that there is a link between Government and God. Using the primary source, “On Social Order and Absolute Monarchy” by Jean Domat, this paper will highlight the correlation between the government and the governed by comparing enlightenment ideas and contemporary theories with those of Domat. It will do so by analyzing similarities and contrasts between Domat’s piece and Enlightenment ideas and contemporary theories. Then it will look at the rights God grants the ruler and duties the governed have as well as the relationship between religion and the

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