Essay about On Being an Atheist

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The purpose of the paper is to answer several questions arising from an article by H. J. McCloskey entitled “On Being an Atheist”.
McCloskey makes the claim that he is reminding fellow atheist why they believe there is no God. He claims that the traditional proofs have no merit. I believe the sheer magnitude and complexity of the world we live in is strong evidence of an intelligent designer and creator. Only an intelligent creator could form a world where the air that we breathe is part of such a complex system. We also live in a world that has morals, which points to a morally perfect Being that we model our lives and society by. The Cosmological, Teleological and Moral arguments create a cumulative case for why God exist. God’s
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Man’s sin brought about the imperfectness of the world we live in, not God.
God created us to worship and praise Him out of the love we have for Him and all that He is. We do not believe in God because we have no choice. God gave us the freedom to choose how to live our life. How can we not stand in awe of God’s glorious creation? Take, for example, the venus fly trap. Only an intelligent designer could have created a plant with such capabilities. When the leaves of the venus fly trap are open, there are short, stiff hairs called trigger hairs on the inside of the leaf. When something large enough touches the hair with enough weight to bend them, the leaves snap shut, trapping whatever touched them inside. When the leaves close over an insect it forms a tight seal and the digestive fluids begin the process of digesting the parts of the insect that are nutritional. After the digestive process is complete, the leaves open up and spit out anything that was not digested, the shell or skeleton of the insect. What an amazing plant. This plant may have evolved over time to gain nutrition from sources in addition to the air and soil it grows in, thus adapting to its surroundings. But only an intelligent

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