Who Goes On A Diet By Maggie Obese

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Maggie goes on a diet by Paul M. KRAMER Maggie Hagee did not have many athletic abilities, She needed to learn, she was always hungry everybody laughed at Maggie. Maggie was not just ungraceful. Maggie was on edge and discouraged and not thinking obviously looking the cooler in trusts, she would feel better, eating bunches of bread and cheddar including whatever else upset her. Maggie was teased and made fun pretty much ordinary. She was called chubby and obese and different names that make her sad. More often than not Maggie did not react or frustrate - beating on uncommon event, Maggie got so frantic she couldn 't keep down. It took Maggie for a while to at long last decide. She guarantees herself, she was going to make smaller her stomach …show more content…
Just like thinking about all advantages that come to Maggie due to her self-punishment there was some extremely troublesome time however it was justified regardless of the cost. At the end Maggie did lose weight. Now she was happy the way she is. After this lesson Maggie want to be thin that was some good choices for Maggie so they would stop laughing at Maggie at school.
In Conclusion obesity has always been in America and around the world who isn’t fat or obese I mean some people don’t care about what they eat, they like eating burger, potatoes chip and they don’t care about the way they look. They don’t care if they have cholesterol, diabetes or any other disease. But kids should listen to their parents eat less junk food and eat more salad because that is healthier for you and your grownups. But
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Heftiness is something that is progressively on the take-off today and will keep on rising unless we make a move like illuminating individuals of how terrible it truly is and urging individuals to carry on with a wellbeing improving way of life. A solid eating routine and practicing a few times each week is critical to not getting to be stout. How about we change the pattern of corpulence by living sound lives and building towards a solid

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