Essay on Old Soldiers Never Die, They Just Fade Away

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Old soldiers never die, they just fade away. First Phase ----talking about Chinese old soldiers’ survival
As the last world war gradually decayed in people’s view, it is not easy for us to aware the difficulty everyone has to face during the war time. The only relaters that thoroughly experienced the tough time are those old soldiers around us.
Regrettably, they haven’t received enough spots and attention; whereas, some of them even are now struggling in the edge of surviving. Therefore, today this article aims to lead readers conceive the present circumstances of those heroes who once dedicated their lives to the nation in order to exchange our permanent placid, aware their origin goals for being a soldier and think about temporary society’s attitude towards them.
The veterans in China can be grossly divided into two terms: Those who only recruited in the “Red Army” or “The 8th corps army”, and those who once joined in the Nationalist Party’s army, then were captured by the Liberation army and rejoined it.
The first kind of old soldiers mostly enjoy tranquil lives now, with abundant pension and supplement every month.
But the later kind of veterans now mostly live with poverty and solitary because of their “taints”of once being the enemy army. They don’t obtain basic supplement, and for most of occasions during my interview, they even cannot offer their heating fee in the winter. Two old citizens just curl up on the bed silently because of famine.
I was again…

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