Old Is A Relative Term Essay

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The word old is a relative term. We commonly use old to refer to the leftover pizza from last week in the fridge, our eight-year-old car outside, and our ninety- four-year-old great grandmother who lives in a nursing home. From those examples, we defined old to be ranging anywhere from a few days to nearly one hundred years. Our definition of old varies from generation to generation, ethnicity to ethnicity, city to city, and even person to person. When it comes to defining old age and what makes a person old, it appears that our definitions change overtime as we age.
My grandmother who is eighty-seven years old, uses a walker, and lives at assisted living, refuses to on outings with people from assisted living because unlike her, the other people are old. Growing up on a farm in Minnesota at the end of the great depression had a significant effect on how she has viewed the world, and until she moved to Houston in 2009, she had lived in the same county since birth. She use to consider someone old when they had their first grandchild, but now almost thirty years later her definition has changed. When she is having a bad week and her doctor tells her she must use a wheelchair for her safety, she uses the wheelchair, but won’t leave her apartment because only old people use wheelchairs and everyone will judge her for it. She now defines old based on whether or not the person uses an aid to walk, and what aid they use defined how old they are. According to her, people who use…

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