Old Boys Old Girls Analysis

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Jazmin. Navarro
Proffers Mitchel Jackson

Will Caesar return to a life of crime?

Will Ceasar return to a life of crime? In “Old Boys, Old Girls” written by Edward P. Jones tells the story of Caesar Matthews. A convicted Murderer Who is force to do time at Lorton Institution. With an already made reputation and linking up with two of the most Notorious convicts, Caesar is urge to maintain his “humanity” In a series of events, before he is release from prison, Caesar continue to prove his manhood by demanding respect by using physical violence and fear. After Caesar is finally released from jail, he is station in a rundown living quarter and set up with a job washing dishes at a restaurant.
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In” old boy and old girls,” Caesar finally accepted the invitation from his brother to be reunited with his siblings and their new family. A moment in his life he has not been looking forward too, but the emotion that transpired between Caesar and the children signifies his ability to change. The children 's offers Caesar a new lease on life, an opportunity that he would had surly taken, if his sister did not give him a stare of disgust. Although Caesar went to jail for murder, the outside world will always associate him with crimes he did not commit. Therefore when a simple innocent act, such as playfully tugging on a child shoe is interpreted as a sinful deed. Caesar withdraws himself from any feeling he started to gain for his Family and seeks out Yvonne cynical company. Although the family dinner had not been a full success, the feeling of love and family values have been awoken in Caesar. Caesar comes to realize after the death of his beloved that he does not want to be view as a criminal. Near the end of Jones short story, Caesar confesses to himself that the ideal of heading to “Baltimore and hook(ing) up with a vicious crew he had known a long time ago. Wasn’t that what child molesters did? Now, the only thing he knew about the rest of his life was that he did not want to wash dishes and bus tables anymore.” This shows that Caesar does not want to fall back into a life of

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