Okra Tea Essay

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Acknowledgement: This desertion would not have been possible without the guidance and help of several individuals who in one way or another contributed and extended their valuable assistance in the preparation and completion of this study. First of all, we would like to thanks Mrs. Mary Grace Ababat for letting us be given the chance to find another useful product and have us think thoroughly through the pros and cons, ins and outs, and its and buts of this proposed investigation. We would also like to thank our fellow group mates for the teamwork and effort that we have put in order to make this project successful. Jonica Days C.Alacon for the informative research, resources about our product and materials that …show more content…
We need first, of course the okra seeds, tea bag, frying pan, spatula, stove, mortar and pestle, a tea cup and hot water for the consumption itself. We first bought okra worth 50.00php in the market and remove the seeds of okra from its pod. We put the okra seeds under the sun for it will be dry for at least two (2) to three (3) days. Once dried, roast the dried okra seeds until brown of color. Then pulverized the dried okra seeds with the use of mortar and pestle. When finished, divide all the gathered dried roasted okra seeds into a provided teabag. By testing the product on ourselves, we have proven its effectiveness, and we distributed some tests to other people who had coughs and colds.

Dosage: For daily maintenance, drink at least twice a day.
Indication: For prevention and treatment of Vitamin C deficiency.

Sources of Data: For the meaning of other unfamiliar words and/or for the other related meanings, we look and seek some of the information in the Webster Comprehensive Dictionary International Edition. And the rest of our knowledge about this research was come from the online sources and/or internet. We also discover things on our own while having our experiment. We critically observe the changes of our project while in the process of doing it. We do surveys onto the people whom we asked to try our product.

Data Gathering and Instruments

Okra Seeds Is a soft, smooth and yellowish seeds of okra that can be found in

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