Oil Is A Fossil Fuel Essay

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Oil is a fossil fuel used in everyday lives, yet this abundant resource is not infinite so requires new pockets to be continually found. Worldwide concerns have sparked many controversies over whether oil has been reached its maximum extraction known as ‘peak oil’. There is also a worldwide concern towards on what will happen when in Marion King Hubbert graph reaches the declining period. In the social aspect it could lead to even more political instability between countries and cause conflicts between countries over supply of oil. It can also lead to many more environmental impacts, such as land being sourced for fuel where it shouldn’t be causing permanent damage to the land. Alternatives are being sourced for oil because of the dependency on this non-renewable resource.

“The theory of ‘peak oil’ refers to the inevitable peaking and consequent decline in the amount of oil produced in any nation throughout the world. The term ‘peak oil’ usually refers to the time when the maximum rate of global petroleum extraction is reached after which a decline in the rate of production occurs” (Heinberg, 2003). Geophysicist Marion King Hubbert in 1949 first mentioned of this, and then in 1956 he put his lifetime research on oil reservoirs and predicted the peak of crude oil production in the United States of America (Heinberg, 2003). The theory of peak oil is often not clear and has caused much controversy to arise. This is due to what peak oil actually means. “Peak Oil…

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