Essay on Oil And How It Affects Us

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Oil (or petroleum) is a very important thing to us. We use it every day. We use a lot of it in just a single day. Our life depends on oil. It may not be the only thing but it is one of the most important. My report is on oil and how it affects us.
Oil is a fossil fuel. It was created millions of years ago from the remains of prehistoric organisms at the bottom of lakes or oceans.10,9,17 Fossil fuels are formed from the remains of dead plants or animals.The plants or animals were called plankton.10,9,17 The plankton could form oil in about 150 million year. Oil is a natural resource.10,9,17 Oil is a natural resource.9,19 A natural resource is a material provided by Earth that can be used to make something more complex.9,19
There are many oil reserves in the world. Oil reserves-The estimate of the amount of oil in a specific economic region.13 I will list the top ten countries with oil reserves. In order(10 to 1) the countries are Nigeria, Libya, Russia, UAE, Kuwait, Iraq, Iran, Canada, Venezuela, and Saudi Arabia.13 Saudi Arabia has more than 250 million barrels.Oil can be found in underground wells.13
Most people refer to the natural resource by its liquid name, oil. Oil is also known as a solid which is called Bitumen. Oil can look black or yellow. Oil is greasy. Oil’s properties allows it float on water.20,7,6
Like I said before, Oil is just a liquid form. There is also Bitumen.4 Bitumen can be known as asphalt cement.4 Bitumen is mostly used for road construction.4…

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