Widget's Supply Chain

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Individual Project # 3 – SOA and PaaS and Widget’s Supply/Operations Chain This proposal will compare three service providers Apprenda, RedHat and VMWare all which provide cloud architecture for supply chain or operation functions, such as allowing companies to build applications specific for Widget Company. Included will detail Platform as a Service (PaaS) to help the Widget Company with back supply chain operations support and will detailed part of the implementation of SOA and PaaS services. The three companies; Apprenda, RedHat and VMWare all will detail how it will help with supply chain functions. This is a new venture for a Widget Company and to have online architecture to help with many IT needs and back office supply operations or even database management support. The benefits of these three PaaS providers can help integration into legacy systems currently in place, having a solution that can scalable along with increasing the demand in the supply departments . Apprenda, RedHat or even VMWare can also allow for the Widget Company’s IT and the Operation departments to be more in “pulse” with each other and the option to expand the needs of the organization a huge benefit. …show more content…
Now, Platform as a Service has key rich features such as building business application that can centralize the IT departments with gaining external business partners and increased business customers. (Apprenda, 2015) These are all of critical for a small company like Widget to gain competitive advantage. To be able to instantly integrate with existing supply legacy equipment and software Widget must review each PaaS provider carefully. More benefits include saving costs on streamlining the Widget Company that can incorporate web application into the current legacy systems in

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