Of Mice And Men Unrealized Dream Analysis

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The Theme of Unrealized Dream Shown Through Of Mice and Men
The individuals expressing the idea of “the unrealized dream” is a theme John Steinbeck employs in his novella Of Mice and Men. The characters have “the dream”, and this what they believe would have been their ideal situation to have. Lennie and George have the dream to live together on a small farm. Candy dreams about living with them, and he would be help out on the land. Curly’s wife has the dream that would have come true if she went through with events from her past. The novella Of Mice and Men is about migrant workers trying to achieve their goal of the perfect “american dream”, which is challenged by an accidental murder on the ranch. George and Lennie believe they have a
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She never actually wanted to marry Curley, but settled for him. As a younger woman she was told by a “movie director” that she had potential to be movies. It is not for sure if the man was actually telling the truth, or just trying to flirt with her. Curley 's wife says that the man told her she would send her a letter, but her mother had hidden the letter because she did not want her running off the making movies. Curley 's wife dream is to have gone on with the “movie director, and become rich and famous. Curley’s wife said “I don’t like Curley”, she decided to marry him so she could stop living with her mother (Steinback 89). Curley 's wife also said “He ain 't a nice fella”, and she always feels so lonely even with him there (Steinback 89). Since she does not really like her husband, she often times flirts with other men. When trying to flirt with Lennie, Curley 's wife gets her neck broken. She never got the chance to run of with the “movie director”, and be in many movies. Instead she died unhappy, and her own husband only wanted to kill Lennie for revenge from Lennie breaking his hand.
In conclusion, the idea of “unrealized dream” is a theme John Steinbeck shows throughout his novella Of Mice and Men. Some examples are the dreams of Candy, who only wanted to move away from the ranch, and go to a peaceful farm. Curley’s wife, who wanted to leave her husband, and become rich and famous. Lastly, Lennie and George had the dream about having a future together on a small farm where they can provide for themselves. Each

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