Essay on Of Mice And Men By John Steinbeck

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There are so many themes, symbols, and motifs in the story “Of Mice and Men”, written by John Steinbeck. Although, the one that stood out to me was the motif of strengths and weaknesses. These are things that people are very familiar with and can relate to because we all have some of our own. Sometimes we do not even realize what they are, but when people read about other’s strengths and weaknesses it opens their eyes. And when people feel they can relate to the story or even with certain characters, it creates an emotional bond while reading that story. This is one of the main reasons people get so emotional and upset when George kills Lennie because maybe they have someone they are really close to, and they just could not imagine having the strength to do that themselves. “Of Mice and Men” gives us multiple examples of the mental, physical, and emotional strengths and weaknesses of George and Lennie as well as other characters throughout the novel. Throughout the novel, we obviously see Lennie’s physical strengths. One of the first times we see that is when George and Lennie are traveling to the ranch and Lennie is carrying a mouse that he has killed from petting him too rough. Lennie loved the mouse and loves touching soft things; he just does not know his own strength and pet the mouse too hard. Another time we see this, is when Curley loses his temper and picks a fight with Lennie. Curley starts beating him, and then once George tells Lennie to fight back, he breaks…

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