Oedipus The King : Fate And Free Will Plays A Very Strong Adversary

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In "Oedipus the King," the theme of fate and free will plays a very strong adversary throughout the play. Sophocles portrayed the opening of "Oedipus the King" as a tragic discovery upon Oedipus as he killed his father and marries his mother. Although Oedipus was well known by the Athenians, he is self-confident, strong willed, and intelligent as well as a caring and compassionate person. Oedipus was a victim of fate, as he was not entirely controlled by it. He was bugged by the concern that the people of Thebes are suffering and wanted to find a solution to it as soon as possible. This prophecy foretold upon him by the oracles of Apollo at Delphi was inevitable no matter what he did to avoid it. As his past actions were strongly determined by fate, his decisions at Thebes was at his own will.
Man vs. Himself is an important theme in the play as well as the struggle of fate versus anyone else. Oedipus ' first objective was to rid Thebes of the plague by exposing and exiling the muredere of King Laius. But his search for the murderer is interrupted by the news of Polybus ' death. Oedipus then begins his quest to discover the identity of his parents. As an adult, Oedipus meets Laius on the road as the two fight and Laius is killed. While moving to another kingdom, he murders his father and marries his mother as he does anything to rid himself and in the end becomes the cause of his own demise. When he realizes his children, he laments the fact that this could happen to him.…

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