Theme Of Blindness And Identity In Oedipus

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I chose to write my essay over how the theme topics of blindness and identity influence the character of Oedipus. Oedipus is a character that stands out to me because he is very wise, but takes a long time to solve his own “riddle”. Oedipus must solve the conflict given to him by Apollo, to break the curse on Thebes from the plague that could potentially wipe out the town. After reading this play I am shocked that Oedipus, a well-respected and known man, would have killed Laius, his father and previous ruler of Thebes. Throughout the play, Oedipus was blind to what he had done, blind to the truth of his identity, and even blinded of sight due to gouging out his own eyes.
Oedipus was a character of great respect and honor in the town of Thebes.
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Oedipus had confidence in himself and was proud of being the new king of Thebes. “Oedipus is characterized not only having a logical mind, but as taking great pride in it,” (Hornby 128). In reality, Oedipus is blind to his true identity. He believed that he was a great and powerful man, but truly he was a murderer and had married his own mother, something a fortune teller had told him a few years prior coming to Thebes. At first, Oedipus refused to believe what Tiresias told him, claiming that he was the man who murdered the previous king. “Oedipus can see, and Teiresias is blind; yet Tiresias ‘sees’ the truth in this case, while Oedipus is blind to it,”(Hornby 128). Later Oedipus finds out that Tiresias was right about what he had done. When Oedipus realizes he was Laius’s murderer and that Laius was his biological father, he questioned everything about …show more content…
Oedipus encountered blindness from the past, blindness to the truth and his identity, and even physical blindness of sight. Oedipus thought highly of himself, as did a majority of the people in Thebes. When Oedipus finally realized the truth of what he had done everything changed. He was no longer respected by his people or family, not even himself. Even though Oedipus sounds like a terrible person, he was not completely bad. He did not know the person he killed at the crossroads was his father nor the woman he married was his mother. Also, Oedipus punished Laius’s killer as he said he was going to do to ensure the safety of Thebes. The themes of the play, Oedipus the King, had an effect on the main character in many ways; this effect was so great that it changed his life

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