Oedipus Rex, The Limit Of Human Understanding And Oedipus Essay

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Many people believe that they achieve the ultimate understanding of things in the universe, until they found the “truth”. In Sophocle’s Oedipus Rex, the limit of human understanding and Oedipus’ rational form of investigation into his father’s murder clearly marked the limit line of human condition. In the play, Oedipus is living in his fantasy where he just starts to awake. In his fantasy world, he believes that he has total control over his fate and identity. He thinks that he has three virtues: reason, intelligence, and self-control. However, he realizes that he is mistaken on all three when he tries to use these virtues. The first false that he believe is his intelligence, he hopes to have control and power over things that are happening around him, but the intelligence itself is giving up to the fact that it is just an illusion. Secondly, he believes that he is a rational man or reasoning. It is true that Oedipus has great thinking and logical reasoning skills, but this often blend with his own anger which creates many biases. Lastly, he believes that he is his own, he is not tied to any things, and he is free from anything; however, he is a human being and surely has a father and a mother, a “truth” that is given to any human being in the world. No one is born from a rock or and tree. Oedipus wants to avoid his fate by rejecting his roots. The chorus says, “man on Earth wins more of happiness than a seeming and after that turns away” (Sophocles 64). This addresses that…

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