The Myth Of Cyclops In Homer's Odyssey

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At the entrance of the cave, Cyclops put a massive boulder and fixed it in position as a door. Soon after this, Cyclops and Odysseus have a conversation. Odysseus explains to Cyclops that, the Cyclops is to respect Zeus and other Gods. Then, Cyclops replies to Odysseus saying that Odysseus is a fool for telling him to respects Zeus and other Gods. Also, Cyclops continues to question Odysseus, asking what happened to Odysseus and his men’s ship. Odysseus answer Cyclops telling Cyclops that Earthshaker Poseidon broke the ship apart, driving the ship against the border of the island, up onto rocks.
After Cyclops and Odysseus finish their conversation, Cyclops seized two of Odysseus’s men into his fist. Cyclops throws the men down on the ground.
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They heard Cyclops shouting out, and they came crowding around Cyclops, asking what is wrong. Cyclops said that Nobody is hurting him. Therefore the Cyclopes left because they believed that nobody was hurting Cyclops. In the meantime, Odysseus is straping his men the belly of the ram. This is the method in which Odysseus and his men will escape. Once early morning comes and Cyclops lets the ram out to …show more content…
However, they still need to leave the island. Odysseus and his men, climbed aboard the boat and began to sail away. Once they are some distance from the island, Odysseus shouts back to Cyclops telling him that Cyclops’s evil acts were bound to catch him. Reacting to Odysseus's remark, Cyclops throws a chunk of rock, which sets Odysseus and his men’s boat toward the island, where Cyclops is located. Now that Odysseus and his men are very close to Cyclops, they have to quickly and quietly row away from Cyclops. Once farther out than before, Odysseus’s men tell him to stop yelling back to Cyclops and calm down. However, Odysseus yells to Cyclops, telling Cyclops if anyone asks what happened to Cyclops’s eye, to tell them that Odysseus destroyed your eye. In return, Cyclops throws another piece of rock at the boat, pushing Odysseus and his men, further away from where Cyclops is located.
Following this, Cyclops kneels down, stretches out his hands to starry heaven, and offered a prayer to lord Poseidon. Cyclops pleads, “Hear me, Poseidon, Enfolder of the Earth, dark-haired god, if I truly am your son and if you claim to be my father, grant that Odysseus, sacker of cities, a man of Ithaca, Laertes’ son, never gets back home. If it’s his destiny to see his friends and reach his native land and well-built house, may he get back late and in distress, after all his comrades have been killed, and in someone else’s ship. May he find

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