Ocean Salinity And Its Effect On The Environment Essay example

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The Earth’s surface is filled with around 71% of water, and of that, 96.5% is of ocean waters. With the Earth oceans water supply making up about 321,000,000 cubic miles. Ocean acidification is the harmful consequence of excess carbon dioxide in the atmosphere. When carbon dioxide dissolves into sea water the pH levels of the water become much lower, therefore, making the water more acidic. Subsequently, this reaction diminishes the calcium carbonate minerals making them less abundant. Carbonate ions are the building blocks for the shells and skeletons of many marine organisms such as corals, mussels, and oysters. The average ocean pH is about 8.1 this level has already fallen from the beginning of the Industrial Revolution by 0.1 pH unit. This many not seem like a lot but the pH scale is a logarithmic scale making the effects increasingly more dangerous the more the units decrease (Pacific Marine Environmental Laboratory, n.d.).
Water is always moving thanks to our natural water cycle we have many forms of water from gaseous, solid, or liquid. Evaporation is when water changes trough sublimation, desublimation, evaporation and transpiration it is transported and continually cycled through the clouds, air, ground, plants, streams, rivers, and oceans. (Perlman, 2016). With this ever changing and transportation cycle of water it is vital we take the concern to the chemical reaction that causes ocean acidification. Ocean acidification is shrinking coral reefs which could…

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