Ocean Pollution

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The Ocean: Not a Trash Can Water pollution is a global issue that impacts our oceans. Every living organism on the earth needs water to survive and ocean water pollution is a problem that affects all living things. Farmers need water to irrigate crops and Animals needs ocean water to drink. “In the 1970s the amount of plastic entering the world’s oceans in the range of millions of tons” (Sam Lemonick 2014). Taking care of this planet 's water is very important in order to survive. The oceans are being polluted by individuals and many factories and industries. Also, the whole environment is threatened by different sources of pollutions. One of the major causes of ocean pollution is plastic, which causes the release of toxic chemical BPA, …show more content…
BPA stands for bisphenol A. BPA is an industrial chemical that has been used to make a certain kind of plastics. BPA-based plastic is tough and clear and is made into a variety of common consumer goods, such as water bottles, sports equipment, CDs and DVDs. BPA forces plastic to break down into small pieces in the ocean. “When epoxy resin breaks down, it releases BPA, a typical endocrine disruptor, Marine debris plastic in the ocean will certainly constitute a new global ocean contamination for long into the future,” (Jeremy Hance). If people keep dumping trash in the oceans, because of the toxic chemical BPA, it can also harm the marine mammals in the ocean. In order to solve the pollution issue people should use cloth bags, because cloth bags can be washed and used again instead of plastic …show more content…
In addition, agricultural and industrial wastes contain various toxic chemicals which are considered dangerous for marine life. These harmful chemicals do not sink into the ocean or dissolve at the bottom of the ocean. Furthermore, when small fish consume these chemicals and when later on those small fish are eaten by bigger fishes until the food chain continue and affecting big animals like whales. Chemicals from toxic plastic bags gather in the fatty tissue of mammals, which leads to failure in their reproductive

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