Rise To Global Climate Change

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The discussions about the reasoning of climate change is getting more and more overwhelming over the past few decades. The favorers of anthropogenic climate change claim that it is the direct result of human activities that cause climate change, appealing that the whole world should adopt measures immediately to prevent dire climate change, whereas the opponents strongly dispute that human activities are not primarily responsible for climate change. Is anthropogenic influence really the beginning of climate change? In this essay, the debates between whether the human beings give rise to global climate change or not mainly focus on three factors: temperature, sea level and ocean acidity.
From my survey, nearly 85 percent of people think that
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(Global) Skeptics declare that sea level has been steadily rising for thousands of years, which means that the increase has nothing to do with humans. Even more, the melting of glaciers, which is regarded as one of the causes of sea level elevation, is also a natural process of this planet for thousands of years and the glaciers will ultimately grow back again. On the contrary, 28 out of 35 respondents in my survey concern that the rising of sea levels is likewise generated by human activity. It does not take much of a grasp of science to understand that if the earth is getting heated due to the human-produced greenhouse gases, as proponents would expect, the ice cap and glaciers will continue melting, which leads to an unprecedented rate of rising sea level. Scientists who take stock in human-triggered climate change also project that within the next 100 years, rising sea levels caused by climate change will even submerge much of southeast Florida. (Simon Worrall) In a personal interview with the geography teacher from my high school, he is of assertion that the constant burning of diverse fossil fuels is undoubtedly contributing to sea level rise, and will inevitably drive the earth into the apocalypse. …show more content…
Disciples of human-induced climate change have the visceral conviction that ocean acidity levels are recently accelerating at an unprecedented rate can only be explained by human activities. Oceans play an important role in keeping the Earth's carbon cycle in balance. As the amount of carbon dioxide in the atmosphere rises, the excess human-produced carbon dioxide in the atmosphere is absorbed by the oceans, leading to an increase in oceanic acidity level. “Ocean acidification has potential impacts on the whole marine ecosystem, since all the organisms must expend metabolic energy in an attempt to maintain a particular pH inside their cells,” said from my friend Chang, who participate the classes in oceanology this fall in Ocean University of China. (Chang) Conversely, dissenters allege that the current rise in acidity is just a natural fluctuation, contradicting the former arguments in the meantime. As a National geographic article called Ocean Acidification estimates, the pH of average surface ocean water is 8.1 and has only reduced 0.1 over the past two centuries, which is within the scope observed in the ocean today. (Ocean Acidification) From my personal perspective, the rebuttal evidence in ocean acidity appears to be weak to persuade people. According to Michael

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