Occupational Therapy : A Vital Role For Improving Your Patients Health

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In occupational therapy rehab plays a vital role in improving your patients health. Each client should have a rehab program based uniquely to them and their injury. There are many forms of rehab, but many are repetitive and become boring over time. The health field is always looking for new and improved forms of rehab. One of the best ways to do this is look at what is catching on in our culture at this time. A new and upcoming form of rehab one that uses Pokémon GO. Before we dive into Pokémon GO, one of the hottest apps out, let’s discuss what Occupational Therapy is. Occupational Therapy is described by The American Occupational Therapy Association as, “assistants help people across the lifespan participate in the things they want and need to do through the therapeutic use of everyday activities (occupations).” Which is the meaning down to it’s core as my future occupation my job will being rehabbing people back to full health or as close as possible giving them the ability to live life as close to normal as possible. This job requires me to make sure my patients master fine motor skills as mentioned above, like tying your shoe, brushing your teeth or putting on a belt. All of these sound extremely basic to those of us who have no limitations when performing these tasks. Now let’s learn about Pokémon GO. Pokémon GO is a new app that is becoming very popular so popular that is broke Apples record for the most downloads in the first week. It is based off of the very…

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