Observing A Secondary Group Within A Formal Organization Essay

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This is a qualitative study observing a secondary group within a formal organization. The social institution chosen for the place of observation is a middle school within the Rockford area. The class I have chosen to conduct my observation is in an 8th grade Language Arts classroom; the purpose of this class is to develop the reading and writing skills students will need to progress into higher levels of education.
My first observation took place on Wednesday, November 16th from 2:43 P.M. to 3:30 P.M. This class takes place at the end of the day and the class is small; only eight students are in the class. Of the eight students, there are four males and four females. Two of the females and two of the males are people of color. Some of the students sit farther away from the others, but five of the students sit in the middle section of the class. One of the females sits at the round table in the back with me. The instructor is a Caucasian male in his early thirties. He is at an average height and very thin. He has brown cropped hair with some facial hair coming in and wears glasses. A boy sits in the back of the room by himself and chews on a hoodie string.
Participant 1 is a Caucasian female student, and she is about 13 or 14 years old. She is quite tall for her age (around 5’8”) and seems to be slightly overweight. She has long brown hair that would land around her waist if it was not up in a ponytail. Her hair is damp, so she must have had gym class in the…

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