School Observation Essay

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In this observation, there was 11 students in attendance broken down into 7 boys and 4 girls. Like my previous observation there was one teacher, one teacher aide and one junior field student. Since it was in the midst of playtime I noticed the environment was more lively and louder in volume than it was in my previous visit.
As Ethan was playing in the block area he was the only one in this area. Grabbing blocks one by one, Ethan aligned the blocks in different zig zap paths. Instead of building a structure with the blocks, Ethan would jump over them and walk on top of them. Attempting to go faster and faster each time. Once he would jump/ walk over a path back and forth he would change the blocks into a different type of formation. After
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Kierah calls out to him and another student that it was their day to be table washers for snack time. Galloping over to get the towel and spray bottle Ethan smiled the whole time. Ms. Kierah explained to them that each person would just wash half of the table. Ethan took this job very seriously and sprayed little squirts closely to each other then used the towel. He went around the whole table even though the other boy had already done his half just faster than Ethan. The junior field student noticed Ethan was taking a long time so she thanked him and told him to go join the rest of the friends on the carpet. Ethan skipped to the carpet and took a …show more content…
Ethan is number five in their classroom line up. When his number was called he galloped to the cubbies and grabbed his red coat. When standing on line Ethan stood quiet playing with his zipper. As they went outside Ethan ran extremely quickly to an open bike located by the wall. Hopping on the bike, Ethan began to ride back and forth. Whenever Ethan would ride up to the gate on the opposite side he would peak his head to see what was on the other side of the gate. Occasionally when he would ride back and forth he would let out a “BEEP, BEEP”. Whenever he would scream “BEEP, BEEP” or someone got in his way we would weave in and out instead of just riding in the straight line. Sometimes he would even make a faint zoom zoom noise to

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