Observation Of Chimpanzees By Emmanuelle Grundmann Essay

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The scientific method is a process commonly used as a means to research or study a certain problem in order to potentially become a theory. The method uses several techniques in order to study a phenomena and render a hypothesis that can be researched. Research can be done in several different ways. One example, in which is discussed in the textbook, is observation of chimpanzees by Emmanuelle Grundmann.(Jurmain et al 2013-14) Another process is through means of experimentation in order to test one 's hypothesis. Both processes have a means of collecting data so one can logically formulate a conclusion or theory in their experiment. The most important part of the entire scientific method would have to be the hypothesis. In high school, students are often taught that a hypothesis of an experiment or scientific study is a wild guess. In the real world, this is not the case. When testing a hypothesis, it is usually an attempt to falsify a hypothesis. If the hypothesis is falsified, then the study or experiment needs adjustments (Jurmain et al 2013-14) The hypothesis is used to generalize a theory. Theories are very important in science because they are used to explain scientific laws. Laws are important as well. According to Scott, “laws state what will happen under certain conditions. (Scott 2009:13-14).” However, theories are more important because they explain laws and hypothesis. There are some phenomena in which the scientific method cannot be used to test a theory, nor…

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