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SI103L Introduction to Marine Biology LAB Syllabus
Guam Community College
School of Technology and Student Services
Science Department
Fall 2015

Instructor : Ronaldo M. Paulino, Instructor, M.Sc., Dr.PH
Contacts: email: ronaldo.paulino@guamcc.edu
Location and time: Section 03 Rm. 3111 and Section 04 Rm. 3115 (Allied Health Building)
Section 03 Friday from 0900am-1200pm; Section 04 Saturday from 0900am -1200pm,
OR, field trips as scheduled.
Office hours: MW 1230pm-0200pm; TTH 0130pm-0230pm or by appointment.
Allied Health Bldg. Rm. 3130 Phone#: (671) 735-5600

Course Description
This course is the laboratory co-requisite for SI103 Introduction to Marine Biology. Laboratory sessions and field trips reinforce and
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Evaluation Criteria * Lab handouts and field trip reports must be submitted to receive credit. Each lab handout and report is worth 50 points. Both reports and handouts must be submitted by the Friday following the lab/field trip – you have ONE (1) week to complete them. Ten (10) points will be deducted for late submissions. To ensure your success in the course, answer all questions on the handouts and follow directions for labeling drawings or diagrams. * Use the ‘Guidelines for Field Trip Reports’ and the field trip report rubric to help you write your reports. Both can be accessed from the website. Field trip reports must be computer-generated and are graded for content, correct scientific principles, grammar, spelling, clarity, organization, and proper citation of sources, that is, no plagiarism. Plagiarized assignments will receive a grade of zero and the student will be referred to the counseling department. Consult the student handbook with regard to this issue.

The total number of possible points will be multiplied by 0.90 to determine the cut-off for a grade of A, multiplied by 0.80 to determine the cut-off for a grade of B, etc. The percentage range that you fall into will determine your final grade based on the following:

90% - 100% = A 70% - 79% = C Below 60% = F
80% - 89% = B 60% - 69% = D Estimated Point System Handouts/Field Trip

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